My First Post!

Hello and welcome! Thanks so much for checking out A Daily Dose of Vitamin D, a lifestyle blog coming to you from the beautiful city of Boston.   This blog was born out of my need for a creative outlet, and I’m so excited to be blogging about (eclectic) topics that bring me joy.  The nickname Vitamin D comes from Bostonian friends who were struggling to pronounce my name, Dariel, when we first met.  It happens all.the.time.  And rather than constantly correct people when they fumble over the pronunciation, I tend to prefer nicknames.  Vitamin D is far and away my favorite* because it makes me think of sunshine and happiness (though I can assure you that’s not what the guys who came up with it were thinking).  I hope this blog is enjoyable, or maybe even inspirational, for others to read.  I’ll be posting a few times a week, and maybe more as I become more efficient in the blogosphere!

*Darrel comes in as a close second, but is much less conducive to witty blog names.


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