“Best friend isn’t a person Danny”

The season finale of The Mindy Project was last week, and as usual Mindy Kaling absolutely nailed it (side note, check out this awesome article from back in September).  That closing scene had me FREAKING OUT, and thus I felt the need to reflect on some of my favorite Mindy-Danny moments.   And while M-D scenes are obviously hilarious, I realized that I oftentimes find myself taking a step back from a scene and actually agreeing with the crazy caricature who is Dr. Lahiri.


The episode featuring this one-liner aired back in January, and while it’s clearly a crack at the oftentimes complicated (read: absurd) nature of female friendships, I think it’s simultaneously an insightful observation on her part.  I have “best-friendships” with a few people, and these ladies are my lifeblood.  They’re always up for a fun, new activity.  They remind me that it’s okay to not have found my dream career yet.  They order late-night mac & cheese takeout from the bar across the street with me.  They help me manage so many different aspects of my life.  And I do my best to reciprocate all of their wonderfulness.  Each friend has her refreshing perspective, so I learn from and am inspired by my ‘tier’ day-in and day-out.  Plus, if one best friend needs a shoulder to cry on while I simultaneously need advice, I’m able to hold her up because I can in turn lean on someone else with whom I have an intimate friendship.

So to sum it up: 1) Mindy, you’re spot on. The title of best friend is no longer reserved for the person who holds the ‘best’ charm to your ‘friend.’ And 2)  Having a circle of best friends, and in turn being a part of their circles, is vitally important in my life.


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