Floral Arranging with Frolic! : Week 1

I’m taking an online Floral Arranging class during the month of May via Nicole’s Classes!  Chelsea Fuss of Frolic! is teaching the class and it’s an absolute blast!  Week one was about flower selection and preparation (or as my guy friends have dubbed it “Petal Theory and Thorn Removal 304”) followed by instruction on a hand-tied bouquet and an aqua pack for keeping thirsty flowers fresh. Chelsea, who I have learned is clearly an arranging pro, walks students through the class with a series of videos each week.  Below are my photos from week 1.  I’m assuming I’ll be giving up my amateur status by the end of week 4…

My finished product!

my finished product!

I used peonies, lemon leaf, hyacinth, and larkspur.  Goal number one was accomplishing the task of putting together an entire bouquet by holding all the flowers in my left hand while adding to the arrangement with my right.  I felt like a two year old trying to color with one hand and hold every other crayon in the box with the other.

view from above

view from above

Goal number two was spiraling the stems so the bouquet could stand on its own…success!

she stands!

she stands!


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