Floral Arranging with Frolic!: Week 3

flower girls

Week 3 of floral arranging class entailed taping, wiring and, ultimately, creating a floral head wreath!  Thanks to my lovely (if reluctant) roommates for modeling my creations.

Step 1: Cut stems to about 4 inches and strip all leaves/buds off the bottom 2 inches.  Tape together mini bouquets of 3-4 stems each.mini bouquets

Step 2: Tape bouquets to a wire frame using floral tape (measure the frame by wrapping floral wire twice around your complying roommates head; twist the ends together and voila!).  Ensure each new bouquet covers the taped stem of the previously attached bunch.  I needed about 17 bouquets per wreath.

attach bouquets to form

And that’s it!  All that follows is pleading with roommates to do a mini photo-shoot (this final step is easier when it isn’t raining).  They also look cute hanging on a door or adorning a side table.wreath

flower girls


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