Couture/It’s Yours: Clover Canyon

Clover Canyon/MINPINK


First up in my new series “Couture/It’s Yours” is a Clover Canyon bodycon dress and its virtual (cheaper) MINKPINK twin.  Both have bold patterns juxtaposed with fun colors, but the MINKPINK dresses cost about $70 vs. Clover Canyon’s $250.  I’d pair any of them with wedges and a white blazer for a fun night out in the city.

The idea of featuring high-priced items alongside cheaper versions with the same aesthetic isn’t a new concept to the blogosphere.  But there’s a reason for that…everybody loves a good deal.  TJMaxx wouldn’t even exist if that wasn’t the case.  I’m a firm believer in paying the price for investment pieces, but not all trends will be here forever.  I’ll try to differentiate myself a little by focusing on pieces that, unless you are somehow Alex from “Happy Endings” or one of the Olsen twins, probably aren’t closet staples.  Read: these will be fun pieces that would all be welcome additions to my closet, but their counterparts put a much smaller dent in my bank account. Victory is sweet.


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