Floral Arranging with Frolic!: Week 4

Boutonniere and bouquet! (apologies for bad lighting)

Boutonniere and bouquet! (apologies for bad lighting)

My final assignment for floral arranging class was to create a bridal bouquet and boutonniere.  I picked up some great spray roses last Friday night after work to use as filler, went to NJ for a baby shower, and returned Sunday to flowers that had melted in the weekend’s humidity.  Naturally.  But a quick trip out to a few shops resulted in the discovery of some beautiful orange roses, and pale pink lysanthus.  Score.

Bridal bouquet!

Bridal bouquet!

It took me a solid 4 tries to get to a good foundation for the bouquet, but from there I happily filled in spaces and built the bouquet up to a place where I was satisfied.  The boutonniere was much easier…a focal flower, an accent flower, and some greens.

Close up of the bouquet

Close up of the bouquet

I had a blast taking the class, and would definitely recommend it.  Check out the next sessions here.  And see below for my top 5 lessons learned while taking Floral Arranging 101!

  1. Always buy 2x the flowers you actually need for an arrangement (including extra greenery).  Not every bloom will be suitable for the bouquet, and any extras can go into a little side arrangement.
  2. Hold all flowers in your non-dominant hand and add to the arrangement with your dominant hand. It’s just awkward otherwise.
  3. Add flowers to a bouquet at a (roughly) 45 degree angle, turning the bouquet as you add.
  4. Look at the bouquet from directly above when evaluating where to put flowers, as well as from the side.  I learned this late but it really helps to see the bouquet fully, especially if it’s for a bride who holds the bouquet such that everyone sees it from the top.
  5. Don’t be afraid to pull some stems up or push them down depending on how you want the heights to balance out in the bouquet.  Sometimes a statement flower can get a little lost, so adjust as needed! (but be gentle, they are just flowers)

Bouquet the next morning…still looking good!


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