Big Brothers Big Sisters Stiletto Race!


This past weekend was the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Seacoast’s 4th annual Stiletto Race.  It’s a hilarious high-heel sprint in downtown Portsmouth, NH to raise money for the organization.

Runners line up at the start! (click this picture to find the full article it was featured in!)

Awards range from best shoes to best wipe-out, and believe me, there are always  great wipe-outs.  And aside from the fact that the organizers accidentally put me in a heat of all guys every year (seriously, there’s a reason why people call me Vitamin D), the race is one of my favorite events of the summer.  It’s a wonderful cause, and everybody laughs hysterically the entire time.  Not to mention, this year the race raised over $18,000, with 85 competitors.  Pretty impressive.

Perfect racing form.

Perfect racing form.

My best friend’s dad is a big brother, so their family introduced mine to the race.  Her entire family (dad and brother included) raced this year!


Me with my lovely mom!

Me with my lovely mom!

Notes for future racers are as follows: the higher the heels the better, tape those suckers on or you will kick them right off, and when you start to fall just tuck and roll.


And On a serious note, BBBS of the Greater Seacoast is an awesome organization helping over 300 kids in the area.  But there are still roughly 80 kiddos on the wait list.  Check out volunteer opportunities and come race next year!


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