My Favorite (Homemade!) Floor Cleaner

I know what you’re thinking, this blog is about things that bring me joy…why would I post about cleaning the floor?  Valid question.  The answer is twofold.  One, that I think a shiny wooden floor makes a room.  And two, I have come to embrace my OCD tendencies (thanks mom!) and find cleaning the floor extremely satisfying.

A nice wooden floor is the first thing I notice when hunting for apartments and one can make or break a space for me.  My mom showed me this simple at-home cleaner during my stint as our cleaning lady over Christmas break sophomore year in college.  It has proved to be most effective at removing residual wine-spill-stickiness as well as giving the floor a nice warm shine.

Use 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts warm water.  Shake it up in an old (clean!) spray bottle and spritz the floor, mopping as you go.  When you’re done, dump the excess and rinse the bottle out to be used next time! I also use disposable dry-mopping pads to keep cleanup niiice and easy.


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