Couture/It’s Yours: Pleated Maxi

Alice & Olivia vs. Dorothy Perkins

I purchased a little white crop-top during the month of March in an attempt to remind myself that summer would indeed return one day.  Though now that the warm weather is here, I’m finding that it isn’t always easy to incorporate the tiny number into appropriate outfits (for anything aside from a music festival, that is).  Most fashion blogs will tell us that balancing an outfit is important, tight little top goes best with a relaxed skirt.  Thus a maxi seemed like the solution to my problem.  But what I like best about this style in particular are the Gatsby-esque pleats and the fun coral color.  It’s a modern take on a classic 1920s look.

Alice and Olivia nails the maxi, naturally.  But at $396, it’s a tad out of my price range.  Lucky for me, Dorothy Perkins has virtually the same skirt for only $55!  High-waisted maxi? Check.  Gauzy, coral pleats? Check.  Plus you can get 15% off if you sign up for their newsletter!


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