Cape Cod Lobster Bake

I’ll be spending the 4th on Cape Cod this year, and lobster bakes go hand in hand with the 4th of July basically anywhere in New England.  But, no Cape soiree is complete without a little festive decor (I dare you to try counting the number of American flags down there) so I’ve put together a little kit of necessities for throwing a good 4th of July lobster bake.  lobster bake 2

First, a preppy, patterned tablecloth is perfect for setting the scene (vinyl is easiest to clean).  Top it with nautical butter bowls for dipping, bleachable napkins/moist towelettes, and everybody’s favorite garment: the lobster bib.  Don’t forget your lobster crackers, or you’re going to go hungry (or break out a hammer).  Cape mosquitoes will eat you alive so citronella candles are a must for outdoor parties.  And add a couple Furbish Studio starburst candles to kick it up an extra notch in terms of patriotism.  Keep an ice bucket with drinks nearby, hands get messy during lobster bakes so trips indoors will only lead to buttery smears.  Maybe add a limoncello cocktail?  In acrylic glasses of course, shell cracking always leads to flying elbows.


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