5 Summer Skincare Staples

summer skincare

I’m a blonde with sensitive skin that needs to be taken care of during the summer months.  I’m not talking sunburn from the reflection off the moon skin, but I’m still prone to beach-day burns.  All of the above products keep my face feeling fresh and protected from intense UV rays.
Right out of the shower I apply Clarins hydraquench cream, it has SPF for days when I’m not baking in the sun but still want protection.  My skin is super sensitive, and most sunscreen stings my face so badly it feels like it’s burning off.  Bizarre, I know.  I alternate between using Neutrogena and Clarins SPF30*  on beach days (both are oil free and won’t clog pores).  Always always always use sunscreen!
Lips are oftentimes forgotten when lotioning up, but keeping them covered is just as important as other areas of your face.  I love Fresh’s sugar lip treatment in honey; it’s moisturizing, has SPF15, and is a great neutral color.
Also, did you know you can burn your corneas?  Make sure to protect your peepers!  My dad says I look like I’m wearing stop signs on my eyes with these sunglasses, but they remind me of Brigitte Bardow.
And finally, while salt and sand from the beach are good natural exfoliators, I find summer in the city clogs my pores to the max.  I need a product that’s gentle (serious scrub + sunburn = death), but still does the job.  Enter Clarins yet again (I subsist on their products).  The above cleanser exfoliates, but gets enough suds going to let you know your face is actually getting clean.  Other than that, I just drink tons of water to keep myself (and therefore my skin!) hydrated!

*most department store Clarins counters also have samples of their face sunscreens in SPF30 and higher…great for throwing in your purse for emergencies!


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