Marvelous Mules

No I’m not talking about the animal, and no I’m not talking about the shoes (in fact I don’t find either of the aforementioned to be marvelous). I’m talking about the cocktail.  Ginger beer and booze with a hint of lime. Ginger beer tends to be synonymous with a Dark and Stormy in Boston, but to my knowledge Mules and Stormies are basically just variations on one another.  Moscow Mules (made with vodka) are likely the most common form of the cocktail, but if you like ginger beer (I love it), you won’t be disappointed with any one of the spins seen below.

Number 1 is made with Bourbon, a Kentucky Mule from Sarcastic Cooking.  2 is a Prickly Pear Mezcal Mule from The Boys Club.  And 3 will be a favorite of New Englanders, featuring fresh blueberries.  It’s Sugar and Charm’s Blueberry Moscow Mule.  We finish out the lineup with a gin variation: a Cockney Mule from Boston’s own Trade.  Trade’s cockney mule is probably my favorite drink in Boston (side note: their entire menu is fantastic).  Though if you happen to be looking for a traditional Moscow Mule in a tin mug, the Langham Hotel’s Bond has you covered.

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