Perfect PJ’s

The perfect pair of pajamas is hard to find.  When I first saw this Eberjey Gisele set I thought, “Those pajamas are adorable, they fulfill all my PJ requirements!”  For the record those requirements are: cute, comfy, and coverage.  But then I thought, “Who pays $100 for pajamas!?”…The answer was ultimately my mother. She got them for me last Christmas and as it turns out, they’re the best pajamas of all time.  They aren’t too thick for summer, nor too thin for winter.  They’re cute and keep everything covered.  Not to mention they’re the softest pajamas I’ve ever owned.  I have been told they look a little like a sailor outfit, but I don’t care (perhaps I’m just channeling Ryan Gosling in Cannes…).

I’ve worn them all year, and am excited to wear them with fuzzy slippers this fall (and maybe even invest in another color).  The next time you’re hanging out in your PJs, you should make these savory breakfast muffins.  And while you’re at it, why not make some mimosas?  My best friend always puts a splash of St-Germain in hers (and sometimes more ingredients if we’re having a particularly boozy brunch), and I’ve been thinking it might be fun to try a little Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur in my next batch (yes, I love ginger).

Laundry tip: make sure to turn man-made fabrics inside out when you wash them.  It’ll help to keep the front side from pilling.  However, if your favorite pieces are looking a little ragged, using a pill remover like this one will get your fabrics looking fresh and new!


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