Blister in the Sun

Another weird post from yours truly…but one that’s actually quite helpful.  We’re still a couple of weeks away from fall weather, but that doesn’t mean we’re weeks away from fall shopping.  And with fall shopping comes breaking in fall shoes…and blisters.  Stay ahead of the game this year with a couple of tricks that I learned during my ballet days.

1) Break in your shoes early (duh).  I wear them for a few minutes at home to identify potential rubbing points, then throw on a pair of thick socks and walk around my apartment for a while.
2) Tape your sore spots.  Once you’ve tested your shoes a bit and know where your skin might rub, use some tape to eliminate the friction.  I use 3M Transpore tape because it rips easily (both across and if you want to split the tape to wrap around a pinky toe).  But electrical tape does the trick as well.  Vaseline also helps to eliminate friction, or even ChapStick will do in a pinch (just apply to the area that’s rubbing).
3) If you’re going to be walking around a ton doing fall sightseeing, you might want to use some blister powder.  2Toms blister shield is designed for runners (also great for breaking in new soccer cleats), but if you dust your feet with it you’ll be good to go.
4) In the unfortunate case you forget to take any precaution when breaking in new shoes and feel like tiny unicorns are stabbing your feet, put a dab of Orajel on top of your blisters.  It’s meant for numbing toothaches, but does wonders for blisters  (I just use regular strength or even baby Orajel).


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