Hanging on a Star

We have a hallway in our apartment that leads to a back staircase in the building.  It’s a short hallway with an industrial-looking light fixture, and it has always been pretty boring.  One of my roommates added a curtain on an extra tension rod a few months ago, and that was good for a while.  It hid shoes and looked cute.  But the rod has since fallen, and we can’t get it to stay up anymore.

boring, empty hallway

boring, empty hallway

And so, after one of our lovely mothers donated some cool star-shaped wall hooks, we decided to spruce up the hallway. (It should be noted that she gave us these hooks a solid 6 months ago and we fiiiinally got our acts together).  We measured the width of the wall and did a bit of math to determine spacing.  After marking the spots, I hammered some nails into the wall to hang our star hooks.

hallway with fun star hooks!

It’s a simple addition but it adds some color and texture to an otherwise bland hallway.

aren't they awesome!?

aren’t they awesome!?

Plus, they’re perfect for hanging our plethora of scarves!  Interestingly enough we thought we’d have no trouble fitting all of our colorful wraps on 7 hooks.  We were wrong. Bulky winter scarves had to be relegated to the mitten bin.

we have way too many scarves

we have way too many scarves

If you’re looking to add some hooks to your decor, Anthropologie always has fun options.


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