Let’s NOT grab a drink…

the beautiful Boston skyline

the beautiful Boston skyline

That title sounds weird, I know.  But it’s a serious goal I’ve started setting for myself.  With ever-changing, ever-busy schedules, it can be pretty tough to find a free minute to spend with friends.  And when we do find free minutes, the default is to grab a drink at a local bar.  Now, don’t get me wrong, that can be an absolute blast.  But it can also be expensive and pretty unhealthy.  I’m no Miss Fitness (I can easily eat an entire party-sized bag of Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar chips in one sitting), but between cocktails with coworkers and boozy weekends, I sometimes like my dates with girlfriends to be alcohol free.

SO, if you just so happen to agree with me and live in the Boston area, here are a couple of activities I’m hoping to take part in during the next month:

St. Anthony’s feast is this weekend in the North End!  Not healthy, but still fun.
Boston has an interesting Street Seats art exhibit going on now in the Fort Point Channel.
Have you seen the Cool Globes yet?
Boston Ballet’s FREE Night of Stars is Sept. 21.  I’m so excited to go see ballet outdoors!
DIY projects can be intimidating but Darby Smart makes it easy, fun, and cheap (does anybody else accidentally spend hundreds of dollars at Micheal’s buying supplies?).
FREE pilates/yoga/bootcamp classes at Normal B. Leventhal Park in P.O. Square (financial district)!


One thought on “Let’s NOT grab a drink…

  1. I totally have the globes on my list. I didn’t know about the ballet but now that is on my list as well. So with you on the needing an alcohol break- I live alone and it does seem like the default is to eat or drink… love it, but hate it.

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