DIY Doloris Petunia

I discovered Doloris Petunia while reading Cupcakes & Cashmere.  The particularly sparkly statement necklaces featured on C&C are inspirational, but a little too over the top for me.  Not to mention pricey.  But they did prompt me to visit her site, where I found some fun pieces featuring colorful, matte stones.  But again, a bit too much going on, at way too high of a price point. So I decided it would be fun to DIY some jewelry a la Doloris Petunia (Tom Binns also makes some pretty awesome stuff that has a similar feel).

1) Nail polish (here, and here)
2) Tooth Picks
3) Earrings (like these, or these, or just do an Etsy search for “rhinestone drop earrings”)

Nail Polish SelectionChoosing ColorsI tested out a couple of color palettes on a piece of poster board to see which I liked best.
Mid-PaintDip a toothpick into your first color of polish and dab it onto a rhinestone.  I did a bigger dot of paint on top that I then spread to the edges using the tip of the toothpick.  Splurge and use a new toothpick per color, per earring for precision’s sake.  There are no photos of me actually painting.  Sorry but I only have two hands.
Finished product!Final product! Let them dry for a half hour or so before wearing.


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