Homemade Hangover Remedy

Ginger Apple Seltzer

Labor day has come and gone, and so many of us kissed summer goodbye with one last wild weekend.  And the hangover that followed.  Be prepared for your first weekend back in the city by making sure you have the ingredients for a quick hangover fix.  Not only is this beverage tasty and easy to make in your foggy state, but it’ll kick your hangover’s ass.  No need for mimosa’s and bloody’s…because we know they only hold off the inevitable.  This ginger-carbonation combination soothes your stomach while rehydrating you.  And adding either mint or apple slices makes your drink extra refreshing.  Ginger also has an added bonus of reducing inflammation, so this sparkling beverage has you covered whether you have a tension headache from a long night of not sleeping, or are just plain dehydrated.

Fresh ginger (peeled and sliced)
Apple slices OR a few mint sprigs
Seltzer water

1) Peel and slice your ginger (you need about 3 thin ginger slices per glass)
2) Rinse and slice your apple (or rinse off your mint)
3) Pour yourself a glass of seltzer and drop your ingredients in
4) Let it sit for 30 seconds or so, then sip away!

Note: If you want to have this all prepped and ready the night before you go out, use a pitcher of flat water and add a handful of ginger slices.  The ginger effervesces when it hits the water, and ultimately reduces some of the carbonation from the seltzer, so leaving it overnight would likely result in your beverage going completely flat.

MaterialsChopped IngredientsFizzingFinal Product

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