Food Truck Fridays: Biryani Park

I’m back with another installment of Food Truck Fridays, my sporadic Friday series about meals on wheels around the Bean.  Up this time around: Biryani Park, an Indo-Lankan food truck with an enormous menu.  The food was tasty, if a little spicy for my liking (I’m a huge wimp and can’t do spicy food).  A huge plus was the Mango Lassi, one of my favorite treats.  Kelsee had the Chicken Biryani (spicy baked chicken and rice with raita) and I had the Chicken String Hopper (curried chicken and vegetables cooked with red rice noodles).  Definitely worth a visit, especially if you like spicy dishes!
Mango Lassi
Kels w Biryani
Chicken String Hopper Biryani
Chicken Biryani

One thought on “Food Truck Fridays: Biryani Park

  1. Hey Dariel! I cant believe I havent stumbled across this truck?! Looks so fabulous .. I have got to check it out! (mouth waters as I type so I should stop before my keyboards a mess haha!)
    Anyways it was so nice seeing you yesterday! Hope to meet you properly next time!

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