Cool Weather Closet

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My ideal fall shopping list consists of pieces that I can mix and match with one another for a multitude of chilly-weather outfits.  My top 5 items are new black jeans, a multicolored satchel, black leather booties with a chunk heel, a boucle blazer, and a new pair of black flats with a slight point to the toe.  Though I do have my eye on the above ankle strap pumps, a slim-fit white silk blouse, and a chic sweatshirt.  Also on the list are fun smoking flats, a chunky sweater, some leather or hardware detailing, colorful jewels, and an oxblood pencil skirt.  I tried to put together a bunch of both casual and more formal fall fancies so that I can mix and match for work or play!  Versatility is key when putting together your ultimate, very expensive and hypothetical, closet—obviously.

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