Couture/It’s Yours: Leather & Tweed

couture-its-yours-leather-and-tweedTop Left / Bottom LeftTop Right* / Bottom Right

I know the term is usually “Leather & Lace,” but let’s just go with it.  Leather & tweed moto jackets and blazers are around every corner right now.  They’re the perfect piece to complete that “punk-chic” look eeeveryone is hoping to attain this fall.  I think a leather jacket is a great investment piece, but leather detailing isn’t necessarily worth paying up for—though I am obsessed with the blazer in this post.  Instead, consider faux or vegan leather.  These alternatives are much more affordable, so it won’t be the end of the world when the harried lady next to you on the T spills her pumpkin spice latte all over everyone within a 5 foot radius (no, leather is not exactly dry-cleanable).

*Top right image is from, where the Rebecca Taylor jacket has since sold out.

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