Hanging on a Star

We have a hallway in our apartment that leads to a back staircase in the building.  It’s a short hallway with an industrial-looking light fixture, and it has always been pretty boring.  One of my roommates added a curtain on an extra tension rod a few months ago, and that was good for a while.  It hid shoes and looked cute.  But the rod has since fallen, and we can’t get it to stay up anymore.

boring, empty hallway

boring, empty hallway

And so, after one of our lovely mothers donated some cool star-shaped wall hooks, we decided to spruce up the hallway. (It should be noted that she gave us these hooks a solid 6 months ago and we fiiiinally got our acts together).  We measured the width of the wall and did a bit of math to determine spacing.  After marking the spots, I hammered some nails into the wall to hang our star hooks.

hallway with fun star hooks!

It’s a simple addition but it adds some color and texture to an otherwise bland hallway.

aren't they awesome!?

aren’t they awesome!?

Plus, they’re perfect for hanging our plethora of scarves!  Interestingly enough we thought we’d have no trouble fitting all of our colorful wraps on 7 hooks.  We were wrong. Bulky winter scarves had to be relegated to the mitten bin.

we have way too many scarves

we have way too many scarves

If you’re looking to add some hooks to your decor, Anthropologie always has fun options.


My Favorite (Homemade!) Floor Cleaner

I know what you’re thinking, this blog is about things that bring me joy…why would I post about cleaning the floor?  Valid question.  The answer is twofold.  One, that I think a shiny wooden floor makes a room.  And two, I have come to embrace my OCD tendencies (thanks mom!) and find cleaning the floor extremely satisfying.

A nice wooden floor is the first thing I notice when hunting for apartments and one can make or break a space for me.  My mom showed me this simple at-home cleaner during my stint as our cleaning lady over Christmas break sophomore year in college.  It has proved to be most effective at removing residual wine-spill-stickiness as well as giving the floor a nice warm shine.

Use 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts warm water.  Shake it up in an old (clean!) spray bottle and spritz the floor, mopping as you go.  When you’re done, dump the excess and rinse the bottle out to be used next time! I also use disposable dry-mopping pads to keep cleanup niiice and easy.

Closet Cleanout

Warm weather arrives in Boston so much later than I would prefer.  It gets here so late that Spring tends to produce more snow showers than rain.  But the warmth is finally here to stay.  Finally.  (I say all this and its raining and cold today).  I’m a confessed shopaholic and have been since the ripe age of four.  My passion took a brief hiatus from the ages of 7-12 when I exclusively wore ripped jeans, zip-up chenille sweaters, and t-shirts that bore puns like “Cinderella goes to to ball…and takes it to the goal.”

full disclosure: my closet looks nothing like this

But since then, the only way I have prevented my closet from exploding over the years is by cleaning it out at the turn of every season.  I only keep the items that I really love or need  (here’s to hoping I no longer need my “college-party-flats” that can withstand a night of dancing in a half-inch of beer).  Below is my guide to cleaning out a closet upon the arrival of a new season.

First, sort through clothes as they come out of the closet.

  1. If I didn’t wear it this past winter, I won’t wear it next winter.
  2. Don’t keep multiple articles of clothing that serve the same purpose.  Nobody needs 6 navy blue cardigans. Nobody.

Second, sort through the upcoming season’s clothes before they make it into the closet.

  1. Don’t put dirty clothes into a fresh season’s closet. (My espadrilles have a half-inch much stain on the bottom…they will be missed)
  2. Can I swap something out? Consider consignment!

Consignment is an awesome option when cleaning out your closet.  I like to swap out items from my closet that I know I’m going to want to replace in the new season.  That really cute dress that you wore on every date last spring and summer and just can’t wear anymore?  As long as it’s still in good condition, consign it and put the cash towards something new!  Just remember that a) you might have to make an appointment with your local store, b) there is typically a consignment minimum of around 3 pieces, and c) if your item sells you will likely receive payment at the end of the month.